Prestige: exit game

In need of money, you are recruited by the magician Jack Werner to rob the Harry Kellar’s workshop, his eternal rival, and steal secrets that are of great interest to your employer. But things don’t go as planned! As soon as you arrive, the doors close and you are trapped!
Fortunately, you have kept a means of communication with your employer. He may be able to help you…
Are you willing to risk it all to become a prestige thief?

2-5 players
60 minutes
10 Rue du Bras de Fer, 34 000 Montpellier, France
Prestige: exit game
For two people the price is charged as for three
17 May 2022
Tue 17
Wed 18
Thu 19
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Address: 10, Rue du Bras de Fer, 34000, Montpellier, France

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Phone: 06 20 09 23 71

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